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Abdominal Aesthetics (Sixpack)

Healthy eating and sports are among the issues that people pay the most attention to. Especially intense training days and fitness are quite common among men and women. For bodybuilding, you need hours of training and time. Sometimes this time is not available or the desired body is not formed despite adequate training. There are some methods to reach the desired muscles and appearance. One of these methods is the abdominal muscle aesthetic procedure. Nowadays, since aesthetic interventions have become quite common among men, abdominal muscle aesthetics (sixpack) are also preferred by men. Abdominal muscle (twopack) is also preferred by women from time to time. Thanks to abdominal muscle aesthetics, both the time is not required and the desired image is obtained. Abdominal muscle aesthetics are performed by reshaping the tissues in the abdominal area.


Abdominal muscle aesthetics takes approximately 3 to 4 hours. General anesthesia is applied for abdominal muscle aesthetics. After general anesthesia, the muscle part in the abdomen is filled with fat tissue, while the fat is removed from the line between the muscles with the liposuction technique. In this way, a diamond-shaped image is formed. Both the muscles are filled and the tissues in unwanted places are melted. It should not be in contact with water for a few days after abdominal muscle aesthetics. Rest and less active days are recommended for the first week. After the operation, the scars gradually become invisible and after a while, a natural appearance is obtained. For a more natural appearance, a few months should pass and the tissues should be harmonized with the body. The effect of abdominal muscle aesthetics on body appearance is permanent.

  Abdominal muscle aesthetics both provides a more fit appearance and creates a more prominent muscle appearance. In the abdominal area, a symmetrical, tight, expressive and remarkable appearance prevails. While it is necessary to exercise for hours for such a look, a fast and precise result is obtained with abdominal muscle aesthetics. If you cannot get the body image you want despite intense exercise or if you do not have enough time, you can reach the image you want thanks to Aestheal's expert team.

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