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Face and Neck Lifting

With aging, the skin is deformed and cell renewal slows down. Cell renewal in the face area occurs very little on the surface and problems begin to occur with aging in the skin. One of the biggest signs of aging in the face area is skin sagging on the skin. These sagging are also seen in the neck area except for the face area. In addition, as a result of rapid weight gain and loss other than aging, sagging occurs in the face and neck areas. The amount of sagging that occurs on the face and neck area of the person depends on the hereditary characteristics of the person. Genetically, sagging occurs faster and more frequently in some people. These sagging and wrinkles cause the person's appearance to be both older and more tired.


Many solutions to skin problems have been developed with various non-surgical methods, care creams and surgical operations. Among these methods, the methods that provide the fastest and most permanent solution are aesthetic procedures. For the sagging problem experienced in the face and neck area, face and neck lift aesthetics is the fastest and most visible solution. The amount of stretching applied to the skin varies according to the appearance of the person's desire. Anesthesia is applied before face and neck lifting. After the application of anesthesia, an incision is made starting from the lower part of the face and turning back towards the temples and earlobe to get rid of sagging and wrinkles in the face area. Thanks to this incision, adipose tissue and skin are reshaped. Depending on the incision, a significant tension is observed in the face area. At the same time, for neck sagging, an incision is made under the chin for the neck area.
 Thanks to this process, a more tense, younger and tighter appearance is gained in the general appearance of the neck area. Performing two incision procedures at the same time holistically is useful for rapid tissue regeneration and a more effective result.

  Face and neck lift takes about 3-4 hours. There is no harm in moving after the procedure, but sometimes a day of rest may be required. After the face and neck lift procedure, slight bruises and swellings may be seen in the relevant area depending on the incision process. These mild side effects go away on their own within 1 week and the skin rejuvenates its full appearance within 2 weeks. This method, which is permanent and long-lasting, provides the elimination of sagging, tickle and wrinkle problems. After the procedure, a more vivid and younger appearance prevails in the general appearance of the face.

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