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Lip Lifting

Lip lift aesthetics is a permanent aesthetic intervention that plumps and shapes the lips. Lip lift aesthetics are preferred by people who have thin lips, whose upper lip is not pronounced, who experience volume loss in the lip due to old age and who want to have more aesthetic lips. There are no side effects of lip lifting, which can be applied to individuals of all ages. However, it is important that it is performed by a team of experts in the field of aesthetics in order to apply the procedure smoothly and to avoid scars. With a successful lip lift aesthetic, a significant change can be created around the person's mouth. In lip lift aesthetics, how much fat tissue will be removed and how prominent the lips will be made are planned according to the desire of the person.


Lip lift aesthetics is a procedure that takes about half an hour to an hour. First of all, the lip area is anesthetized with local anesthesia to prevent pain. Then, fat tissue is taken from the lower part of the nose through an incision and the upper lip is made more prominent. Since internal sutures are removed during the lip lifting process, no scars are seen after the operation and the person can continue his life without any problems. However, in the first week after surgery, slight swelling and redness may be seen in the lip area. This is a normal condition and goes away on its own with an ice compress. After about two weeks, the effect of aesthetics begins to appear on the lips and this effect becomes more pronounced as time passes. In successful applications, a natural appearance prevails on the lips. The effect of lip lift aesthetics is permanent and long-lasting.

After lip lift aesthetics, the person will have a fuller looking, more shaped, lip line clear, more aesthetic and angel wing-shaped lip. Making the lip more prominent changes the whole appearance of the person and a more symmetrical appearance is obtained on the face. In addition, the lip volume lost due to age progression or rapid weight loss can be regained with the lip lifting process. If you are not satisfied with your lips, you can reshape your lip image and have fuller lips with Aestheal's expert team. With lip lift aesthetics, you can make your smile and mouth structure look more aesthetic.

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