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Prominent Ear Operation (Otoplasty)

Otoplasty, that is, the prominent ear operation, is an aesthetic intervention that allows the ears with the appearance of a prominent to be reshaped. The appearance of prominent ears is a genetically innate condition and disturbs the person in his social life. Some people feel the impact both in their social lives and in their professional lives. That's why the appearance of prominent ears is one of the issues that people complain about the most. Today, thanks to the prominent ear operation, the appearance of the prominent ear is eliminated and the ear acquires a new appearance. It is possible to apply prominent ear operation at any age and there are no side effects. The earlier the aesthetic procedure is applied, the more social advantage will be for the person and the easier it will be to shape the ear.


Before the prominent ear operation, planning is made in accordance with the facial line of the person. Before the procedure, the ear area is anesthetized with local anesthesia. When the pain becomes unfelt, a short incision is made behind the ear. With the incision process, fat tissue is taken from behind the ear and the back of the ear is reshaped and sutured. The closing scar after the procedure is not visible because it remains behind the ear and heals after a while. Contact with water should be avoided for the first few days after the prominent ear operation. Slight swelling may occur in the ear area in the first few days, but this is a temporary effect due to the operation. The aesthetic intervention applied for the prominent ear takes about 1 hour. No pain is felt during the prominent ear operation and the person can return to normal life after the procedure. However, a bandage is used in the ear area for the first week after surgery and care should be taken when lying down.

The appearance of the scoop in the ears changes immediately after the procedure. After the prominent ear operation, the ears gain a more symmetrical and more shaped appearance. Although it is very adherent to the person in the early days, the ear shape sits and forms over time. The new ear appearance obtained in the operation is effective and permanent throughout life. After the prominent ear operation, a completely new appearance is formed in the ears and affects the whole life of the person. If you are also complaining about the appearance of prominent ears, you can contact Eastheal's expert team and get detailed information.

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