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Breast Reduction

There are some problems with having a large breast, either weight related or genetically.Large breasts cause sagging, breathing problems, low back pain, neck pain and movement restrictions after a while.Therefore, it can be restrictive and uncomfortable for social life and health for the person.The fastest and most permanent solution to large breast problems is breast reduction aesthetics.In this operation, the breast is reshaped by getting rid of excess tissue.Breast reduction operation is also preferred for the appearance of tight and erect breasts.


Breast reduction operation is a surgical operation. For breast reduction operation, first of all, measurements of the person should be made and a decision should be made for reshaping.It is important that this operation, which has no side effects, is performed by experts in order to progress the process healthily and to reach the desired image.

Breast reduction operation takes about 2-3 hours.General anesthesia is applied before breast reduction.Then, with a small incision, excess fat tissue and skin tissue are removed from the breast.Then the breast is reshaped and closed with stitches. Stitches are stitches that disappear spontaneously and do not leave any surgical scars.It is necessary to carry out dressing for the first few days and avoid contact with water.You can be discharged after the procedure, but active activities should be avoided for the first few days after the breast reduction operation.After about 1 week, a control session is provided and the person can fully return to normal life. Depending on the operation, there may be mild pain, redness and swelling for a few days, applying an ice compress will pass by itself after a few days.
Breast reduction aesthetics is a highly preferred method in recent times.It offers a definitive solution to large breast problems and its effect is visible as soon as possible.Breast reduction aesthetics also provides fast and effective solutions to sagging problems.After the breast reduction operation, the breasts gain a smaller, firmer and more upright appearance.
The effect of the operation is permanent as long as there is no excessive weight gain.

If you are experiencing breast problems and looking for a solution, you can contact Eastheal's expert team and get detailed information about breast reduction operation.


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