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Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile is a cosmetic dental operation favored by actors and models worldwide. The Procedure is aligned, shiny, and suitable- where aestheal clinic helps you getting your perfect smile.

1. Day



For the comfort and safety of our patients, we cover your transportations during the whole operation

In the beginning you will meet our dentist to benefit from his advices and point of view, then he will

examine your jaw condition and plan your treatment.

2. Day



Your dentist will initiate the whole treatments that may be necessary to the Hollywood Smile.

If there are problems such as caries, infection or gum disease in the teeth, the main purpose is to

prepare a strong base before starting the treatment

3. Day

Teeth minimizing


In this step of treatment, the teeth are being minimized ,then using a special kind of paste the dentist

measures the new shaped teeth and send the measurements to the lab where they will use it to

make perfectly designed crowns suits your mouth.

4. Day

Preparation Process


once your measurements arrive the lab, it may takes several days for producing high-quality crowns

Your dentist will inform you and keep you with the latest updats about the new teeth then he will

arrange an appointment due to your flights dates.

5. Day

Preparation Process


In the process of preparing your crowns ,by following the advices and instructions of your doctor,

You can try our unique food in our country.

6. Day


During the Hollywood Smile treatment, the dentist reshapes the structure of the teeth and puts the

last touches on your jaw and new teeth , this final precedure being done using painless local


We will accompany you to the hotel to rest after the treatment and test your new smile freely.

7. Day



In order to guarantee your astonishing smile and after testing your white and proportionate new teeth, our team will accompany you to the last visit to your doctor to check the situation of the new teeth.

In the end we will accompany you to the airport to witness your step into a new beginning with a new lovely smile .

When you decide to enhance your smile with high-quality Hollywood crowns, there are lots of different benefits which are

like your dream...

We understand your dreams.

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