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Breast Enlargement

One of the things that women are uncomfortable with is that their breasts are not in the size and shape they want.If the person thinks a lot about their breasts, affects their daily life and feels unhappy, they can look for solutions.One of the most preferred and confronted aesthetic operations in recent times is breast augmentation.It is now a method that has become popular by women.Breast augmentation operation, which is applied to have a more aesthetic, more vibrant and larger breast appearance, is planned specifically for the person. The structure, shape and quantity of the implants to be placed are determined upon request.In breast augmentation operations, sometimes silicone gels are used, sometimes the person's own fat tissue and sometimes the salt water contents.


Breast augmentation should be performed by competent people in the field of aesthetic surgery.The surgery does not have side effects for the person, but care should be taken to achieve the desired appearance.Breast augmentation operation takes approximately 1-2 hours.During the operation, general anesthesia is applied and the breast is opened with an incision.The implant determined according to the request is placed in the breast and the breast is reshaped and closed.There may be mild pain, swelling, redness and bruising for about a week, but these side effects disappear on their own after a short time.If stitches that do not dissolve spontaneously are used, the stitches are removed after about 10 days.The scar due to the operation passes after about 1 month and there is no trace due to the operation.
The growth effect on the breast appears immediately after surgery.After a few months, the implants adapt to the body and the breast acquires a natural appearance.Although the effect on breast appearance varies according to the silicone content used, it maintains its effect for about 10-15 years.
  The reason why breast augmentation aesthetics are highly preferred is that it has a more shaped and more prominent breast appearance.After breast augmentation surgery, larger, more symmetrical and more filled breasts are obtained.One of the reasons why breast augmentation surgery is preferred is to have more vivid and tighter breasts.Breast augmentation surgery offers women the opportunity to have breasts in the look and shape they want.
If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your breasts, you can contact our expert team and get more detailed information about breast augmentation operation and have the breast appearance you want.

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