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Bichectomy Cheek Thinning Aesthetics (Bichectomy)

The procedures applied to the cheek area have become very popular recently. One of the most preferred aesthetic procedures is bichectomy, cheek thinning aesthetics. The appearance of the cheek area, along with the chin and even the face, is the area that most affects the overall appearance of the face. Some people are not satisfied with the appearance of their cheeks. Having square facial features due to the shape of the cheek, excess fat tissue due to weight, presence of age-related sagging, collapsed appearance of the cheeks and having an amorphous cheek line are among the most complained issues.


There are many methods available to eliminate complaints and reshape the cheek line. However, the most accurate process among these methods is cheek thinning aesthetics. Cheek thinning aesthetics is a procedure that acts extremely quickly and has long-lasting permanence. Individuals of all ages are eligible for the bichectomy procedure.

During the bichectomy procedure, local anesthesia is applied and no pain is felt. After anesthetization, excess fat tissues are removed from the cheek area through the incision through the mouth and the cheek line is given a V appearance. Bichectomy is an aesthetic surgery that does not leave traces and lasts about 1 hour. After the procedure, slight swelling occurs in the face area, but it goes away on its own within a few days with ice compress. After about 3 weeks, the procedure shows its full effect and the cheeks take their final form. Cheek thinning aesthetics is a surgery that does not affect daily life and has no physiological side effects. If there is no excessive weight gain, the effect on the appearance continues. After the cheek thinning aesthetics, a completely new image is formed on the cheeks.
The percentage is clearer, more formal, more symmetrical and a more pronounced expression is obtained. Sagging due to gravity and age tightens thanks to the process, leaving its place to a younger and more tense cheek line shape. How much the cheek area will be thinned is shaped according to the person's facial line and wishes. In order to reshape the cheek line with a natural appearance, it is important that the procedure is carried out by an expert team. If you are not satisfied with your cheek line, you can gain a new look with Aestheal's expert team.

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