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Eyebrow Lifting

The eyebrow is one of the main structures that add meaning to our face and determine our facial expression. Although the structure and shape of our eyebrows are determined from birth, over time, changes in sub-brow fat tissue can cause significant lowering of our eyebrows.

2. Day

Surgical Intervention


The period and techniques of the eyebrow process might vary depends on your expectations and needs.

We will need to host you in our clinic one day after the intervention.

3. Day

Leaving the Clinic


After the needed tests are done, you will be ready to leave the clinic

We will accompany you to your hotel that we have arranged for you to rest in.

4. Day



After eyebrow surgery, your surgeon will tell you what you need to do in your recovery process.

By following your doctor's instructions and recommendations you can live have a faster recovery process.

5. Day



When you come to Aestheal Clinic your medical condition and operation status will be controlled by your doctor.

Finally, we will accompany you to the airport and witness +your step to a new beginning.

Eyebrow lowering as it spoils the aesthetic appearance, it can also impair vision quality by piling on the eyelid. In this case, with eyebrow lifting surgery while correcting the tired, unhappy appearance, getting rid of the feeling of heaviness on the eye is possible

Due to excessive drooping of the eyebrows, after the eyebrows lifting surgery, patients State that their world was enlightened and their field of vision was greatly expanded.

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