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Vaginal Tightening Aesthetics

Problems with the vagina are among the most common problems faced by women. One of the preferred interventions among aesthetic operations is vagina narrowing aesthetics. Vagina tightening aesthetics are applied for loosened and sagging vaginas. The sagging and loosening of the vagina sometimes creates discomfort. Both psychological disorders and sexual life disorders can sometimes be very intense. Sometimes the obvious appearance in the tights and pants worn may disturb the person due to the fact that it is visible from the outside. As a result of loosening and sagging of the vagina, satisfaction and functionality from sexual life may decrease. This can make people cold from sexual life and create reluctance. Sometimes vagina tightening aesthetics are preferred to increase orgasmic satisfaction.


Before the vagina tightening aesthetics, the patient is anesthetized with local or general anesthesia. Then, during the procedure, the excess tissues that cause loosening in the vagina are intervened and the vagina is reshaped. After the vagina is given a tighter and narrower appearance, the procedure is terminated. There may be slight pain and swelling for a few days after vagina tightening aesthetics. For about 6 weeks, you should not have sexual intercourse. Then, the vagina reaches its healthy and natural appearance after the procedure. Vagina correction aesthetics can also be performed along with vagina tightening. In this way, both the vagina is narrowed and the shape deformations are eliminated.

With vagina tightening aesthetics, a narrower and tighter vagina shape is obtained. While this procedure provides an aesthetic solution, it also increases the pleasure of orgasm during sexual intercourse. Vagina tightening aesthetics are recently preferred among women. One of the reasons why it is preferred is that there is no intervention mark after the procedure. The vagina is narrowed and reshaped with a natural appearance. It is important that the vagina tightening process is performed by experts in the field of aesthetics for correct and healthy application. If you want to apply vagina tightening aesthetics, you can get more detailed information by contacting Aestheal's expert team.

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