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The abdominal area is one of the most important points for women in their appearance. A flat abdomen and a fit appearance in the abdominal area are desirable. However, some deformations are experienced in the abdominal region depending on aging, genetic predisposition, diet, weight gain and loss, birth and surgical history. The most disturbing of these deformations is the sagging problem. Sagging of the skin occurs when the skin tightens and expands, and then after volumetric shrinkage, excess fat and skin tissue sag as excess. Sagging, especially in the abdominal area, is quite stubborn. Despite the exercises applied, it is very difficult to go and repair. Therefore, extra methods are needed. One of the most preferred methods among these methods is Abdominoplasty procedure.


Abdominoplasty is an aesthetic procedure that is applied surgically for tummy tuck. Local or general anesthesia is applied before the tummy tuck procedure. The processing time takes about 1-2 hours. During the procedure, mini-incisions are made in the abdominal area. With these incisions, excess fat and skin tissues in the abdominal area are removed from the body. The abdominal area is reshaped and the incision is closed and sutured. This procedure can be applied to the entire abdomen or partially performed as mini abdominoplasty. Water should not be contacted on the first day after the procedure. In the first few days, swelling, edema and redness may appear in the abdominal area. These mild side effects will disappear after the first week. However, it is recommended to stay away from activities that are too active during this time.
A completely new look is formed with tummy tuck aesthetics. Instead of sagging and loosened abdomen, a tight and tense abdomen is obtained. The abdominal muscles become more pronounced, and rejuvenation of the skin occurs. In addition, sagging in the waist is recovered and tummy tuck aesthetics are preferred for sagging called bagels in the waist area. Since aesthetic sutures are used during tummy tuck aesthetics, the suture scar disappears over time and a natural appearance prevails. Tummy tuck aesthetics make the abdomen and waist area look much more aesthetic and shapely. The person gets rid of the unhealthy and wrinkled appearance and gains a healthier and more shaped appearance. If you want a tight abdomen, you can contact Aestheal's expert team for tummy tuck aesthetics and get detailed information.

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