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Periodontology (Gum Diseases)

As with the teeth, problems occur in the gums. Gum diseases are generally called periodontology. Gum diseases include bleeding gums, gum recessions, gum tartar, and gingivitation. Gum diseases are usually manifested by bleeding gums and redness. If there is excessive sensitivity and bleeding while brushing teeth, caution should be exercised against gum disease. Especially the appearance of the gum becomes red and swollen. Gum disease treatments are very important and should be given as much importance as dental care. Otherwise, gum diseases may progress to the point of causing tooth loss in the future.

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Periodontology is a field of dentistry that aims only at treatment for gum diseases. The common purpose of the treatments applied for gum diseases is to ensure oral hygiene and to have a healthy gum. For all gum diseases, tartar cleaning is done first in the mouth. With this process, sediments that can cause bacterial formation, infection and sensitivity are destroyed. Then the general hygiene of the mouth is maintained. If gum disease is more advanced, extra antibiotic or surgical procedure can be applied. However, tartar cleaning is usually sufficient. With tartar cleaning, negative factors and plaques affecting the gums are eliminated. In addition, after periodontology treatment, bad breath and bleeding caused by gum diseases are eliminated.
The duration of periodontology treatment varies according to the severity of the disease and the person. Sometimes 2 weeks is enough, sometimes it can take 3-4 months. The most important issue for gum diseases is to continue the controls for gum care after treatment. It is necessary to regularly go for a check-up for gum diseases. This period is approximately every 6 months. Healthy gum structure is very important for a healthy tooth and mouth. If you are experiencing symptoms of bleeding, odor, redness, swelling in your gums, you should be careful for gum disease. You can get more detailed information about periodontology treatment by contacting Aestheal's expert team.

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