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Buttock Aesthetics (BBL)

One of the aesthetic procedures that has recently become preferred among women is Brazilian Butt Aesthetics (BBL). Brazilian Butt Aesthetics is applied to have a more shaped and prominent body line. Brazilian Butt Aesthetics provides women with the opportunity to have a thin waist and erect butt, apart from sports and genetic body shape. Round and prominent butt lines integrate with the thinner-looking waist and create a more aesthetic appearance. Thanks to Brazilian Butt Aesthetics, the waist also gains a thinner appearance with the butt lift process. Brazilian Butt Aesthetics allows the flat butt appearance, which depends on constant sitting or weight, to gain a raised appearance.


Brazilian Butt Aesthetics is a procedure performed under general or local anesthesia. It is made with the fat in one's own body. First of all, planning is made according to the body shape desired by the person. Then, pure fat is taken from the waist, abdomen or hip area through the tube with liposuction method. The removed fat is injected into the butt area through a small incision process. The butt is shaped for a round and plump appearance. After the incision procedures are closed, the process is terminated. After the Brazilian Butt Aesthetic procedure, swelling and edema can be seen in the butt area. This condition will pass by itself after about 2 weeks. It is recommended not to sit on the butt for the first 2 weeks and to lie down. However, 2 weeks after the Brazilian Butt Aesthetic procedure, the person can return to his social life and business life. Until this period, it is recommended that the person use a special corset or bandage after the Brazilian Butt Aesthetic procedure.
Brazilian Butt Aesthetics provides women with a more aesthetic and shaped body appearance. Brazilian Butt Aesthetics shows its effect 2-3 weeks after the procedure and a erect, raised, round and shaped line is formed in the buttocks. If you want to have more prominent and shaped body lines, you can contact Aestheal's expert team for Brazilian Butt Aesthetics procedure and get more detailed information. With Brazilian Butt Aesthetics, you can have more shaped and curved body lines.

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